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Fundraising Software by DonorExpress Software Welcome to the Fundraising Blog site for DonorExpress Fundraising Software.  We created this site to share with nonprofit organizations some of the wisdom about fundraising we have learned on this journey that started in 1992.

DonorExpress Fundraising Software is the tool we sell to help nonprofit organizations take control of their donor database but the people behind the software are true nonprofit professionals that attend conferences and workshops to learn the principals of fundraising so we can teach our users how to make our software work better for them.

We hope to make this Fundraising Blog an interactive site where people will post the comments and experiences.  Thank you for visiting our blog.


Nonprofit Gratitude
Gratitude is the cornerstone of the nonprofit community and is often taken far too casually.  The nature of nonprofit work is built on the generosity of people who want to make a difference in the World.  Donors see their gift as an investment in special organizations that they believe can have an impact and will use their gift wisely.  Most gifts come in the form of financial gifts, volunteer time or through passionate employees who work in understaffed organizations for low pay.  Another form of giving is through the tireless work of dedicated board members who give both time and money.  Neglecting to express a sincere form of gratitude for any of these gifts is totally unacceptable and could result in their potential loss.
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When You Lose the Vision
Napoleon Hill, the creator of the great book “Think and Grow Rich“, once told a story about a man who discovered a rich vain of gold and purchased all the equipment he needed to extract the gold. After a short while the vain of gold abruptly ended and in frustration the man sold the mine for pennies on the dollar. The new owner had the vision to bring in a geologist who found a fault in the earth that had shifted the vain of gold and after an adjustment in the digging, picked up the vain again which turned out to be one of the richest gold mines ever. The original owner could have been a very wealthy man if he had not lost faith in his vision.
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Telling Your Story
Story telling has been a part of our culture since the dawn of man.  In France, twenty thousand year old cave drawings tell us stories of daily life for the people of that time.  Many of the ancient religious texts are written as to teach through a collection stories or parables.  History and life lessons have been passed from generation to generation through the use of story telling.  Today, my adult children can still remember, when they were very young, the car ride home one Halloween afternoon when I told them the story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Stories have a way of creating a mental image that stay in our memory much longer than other forms of communications.
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